Gold Standard DAO Earn (Staking & Yield Optimization)

The Gold Standard DAO platform allows its users to stake their USDC to monetize their holdings that would otherwise lie idle in their crypto wallet.

Across most defi platforms APYs tend to go up and down. This means users would have to constantly switch to different platforms to maintain the best APY they can receive on their assets.

The platform utilises a list of yield aggregation exchanges like Pangolin, Sushi & (Chosen yield aggregators are currently on Avalanche with plans to launch on other EVM chains.)

The Gold Standard DAO platform automatically stakes in the highest returns yield aggregator, so users can rest assured knowing funds are always being invested in the best yield return available.

Each yield aggregator used by the Gold standard DAO platform is classed as low risk and verified by & the Gold Standard DAO team.

By staking through Gold Standard DAO you are always getting the highest return through a verified low risk yield aggregator on the chosen network.

APY Comparisons:

Interest earned through traditional banking: 0.20% — 1.3%.

Centralised Crypto earn rate: 8%. (

Decentralised Crypto platform earn rate: 18.32% (Sushi)

Remember, the Gold Standard DAO protocol utilizes the highest APY available across decentralised the safest crypto platforms. On average, interest rates on stablecoins in decentralised finance range between 10% to 20% and sometimes even reaching up to 50% APY.

Staking Examples:

For our example we will use 15% as the average interest rate for our platform.

  • Dave has $500,000 he wants to put to use.
  • He stakes his funds with Gold Standard DAO and the protocol looks for the best APY available for his USD investment.
  • Going by 15% as an yield %, we can see with the projections below that Dave will x2 his investment in only 5 years.
  • This is without the risk of major price swings of his asset, while keeping his investment liquid.
  • Gold Standard DAO then allows Dave to claim his earnings in gold.

Liquid Investment:

Because funds are staked in USD, users investments are most liquid. User investment can be easily converted into cash without having a significant impact on its value.

In addition to getting the best yield on your stable coins, the protocol has a unique feature which allows users to get a self-repaying loan up to 50% of the initial amount deposited. In other words, users get access to a flexible line of credit for their future yield without any risk of liquidation.


All shall prosper.



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