Gold Standard DAO Tokenomics Update #3

Gold Standard DAO
2 min readSep 28, 2022


The Gold Standard DAO protocol is designed with sustainability, accessibility & security in mind. The governance token of the protocol is the $GSD token. Let’s dive into the $GSD tokenomics:

Total supply and token distribution are carefully designed to benefit early investors.

The total supply of $GSD is limited to 33,000 tokens. This ensures sustainability and protects our investors against dilution.

Breakdown and vesting schedule:
● 51% (16830 $GSD) will be locked away by GSD owners and will never be staked or traded. A wallet address will be provided to monitor this. This GSD will be used by management to scale the DAO on a business level.

● 29% (Approx. 9570 $GSD) allocated to the treasury. These $GSD are reserved for potential partnerships, liquidity pools, future listings (CEX) & incentives/competitions.

● 15% (Approx. 5000 $GSD) has been airdropped to IDO, presale and public sale investors. There is no vesting period.

● 5% (Approx. 1650 $GSD) allocated to the GSD team. There is a 6 month vesting period on these $GSD.

GSD Use case:

Uses of the $GSD token:
● Staking: Earn a share of 5% of the protocol yield in AUX (Available at launch)
● Governance Voting: Help shape the future of the GSDAO voting on proposals (Planned for Q4 22 / Q1 23)
● Gold Backed NFTs: $GSD holders will be able to buy gold backed NFTs (Planned for Q2 23)

The revised tokenomics creates more $GSD scarcity which will result in earning more AUX. When there is less GSD staked into the platform, the amount of AUX distribution increases for each GSD token. This makes each GSD have better earning power.

Reminder: 70%UDSC / 30% GSD airdrop.

From the GS Team,

All shall prosper!



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